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Brynn Fitzer, MACP LMHCA


I work from two core therapeutic values: meeting a client where they are and engaging unconditional positive regard. This means we begin where my client decides we begin. And it also means that my job is to hold on to the belief that my clients are lovable, worthy, and more than the sum of their behavior. These ideas have fostered my work with homeless and at-risk youth and young adults in Seattle’s University District for almost a decade, as well as my passion to become a mental health counselor. I believe it has also contributed to my ability to connect with children.

I received my BA from the University of Evansville. I moved to Washington over a decade ago and worked in Seattle’s University District with homeless and at-risk youth. This work taught me the value of meeting people where they are and working from a strength-based model. I completed my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

My experience with homeless youth has left me hyper-focused on the effects of trauma, and my training using a Family System lens helps me understand how trauma may affect a person’s sense of self and their attachment to important people in their lives. Lastly, I have an intense desire to learn how further incorporate art and play therapies into my practice.

When working with children, I start from the understanding that a child’s behavior is their way of communicating their needs. In turn, behavior problems are more quickly rectified when there are safe, supportive relationships with adults who can understand and respond to the child’s emotional communication. Working with children using the language of play helps them communicate their needs more effectively. As a result, I am working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist.

I believe that play is a vital part of healing, both for adults and children. Play for me involves the water. Growing up I spent my summers at my grandparents’ lake cabin in Minnesota. I love going to the beach and searching for beach glass or surfing. My love of the water resulted in nearly 12 year of teaching children to swim. Away from the water I find play in rock climbing and creating pottery.

Session Rates

$100 – individual sessions (50 minute)
$150 – couple & family sessions (50-90 minutes)

Brynn is out-of-network for insurance. Please visit our FAQ for more information.