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How to Create Intentions for Your Life and Actually Follow Through – Part 2

Author: Lindsay Huettman Part 2 - Creating Intentions as a Lifelong Practice Goals vs. Intentions First of all, what are intentions? May people have a variety of ways of how to frame what intentions are. Some definitions include words like ‘goals’, ‘aspirations’ and ‘vision for the future’. I was personally introduced to setting intentions in [...]

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5 Sleep Care Activities to Improve Your Mood and Health

Author: Jennifer S. Kennett What is is about staying on track with a consistent sleep schedule that seems so challenging? Whether it's post-holidays, daylight savings time shifts, extra pressures at work or school, or just bedtime 'drift', it's easy to lose track of going to bed on time, or how much sleep we really need. [...]

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Walk & Talk Therapy: Why it might be perfect for you

Author: Lindsay Huettman Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tend to your mental health and receive the extra benefits of being outside and exercise? Many people who would like the support of a therapist, must sit inside an office all day for work. It can sometimes feel daunting or even unhealthy to go [...]

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