Walk & Talk Therapy: Why it might be perfect for you

Author: Lindsay Huettman Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tend to your mental health and receive the extra benefits of being outside and exercise? Many people who would like the support of a therapist, must sit inside an office all day for work. It can sometimes feel daunting or even unhealthy to go [...]

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Hope: Lessons from an Amoeba

Author: Lindsay Huettman Many times, while in session with clients, I come across words like “hope”, “trust” and “balance”. These concepts or states can be very helpful and inspiring for clients-and sometimes they can also seem impossible to achieve. Part of the issue is the very energy of ‘trying to be hopeful’ can leave us [...]

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Stress-Free Family Holiday Tips

Author: Jennifer S. Kennett What is it about the holiday season that leaves so many people stressed and anxious? Is it the extra social commitments? The financial burden of gift-giving? For many people, it is the prospect of spending time with extended family and all the history that holds. While some of us have wonderful [...]

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