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Eastside Family Counseling is excited to partner with these allied professionals sharing our office space. Our vision is to connect our clients with other clinicians and health professionals to ensure that you get the support you need.

Pauline Osborne, MN, RN

Moving To Heal is a personalized wellness practice that combines health coaching and a barefoot movement program to help you discover a more authentic and joyful version of you. Throughout my career, I strove to see beyond an individual’s diagnosis and recognize the person inside the patient. By knowing they are seen, heard, and fully supported on the journey, my clients and students are personally empowered to create vibrant wellness in every aspect of their lives. It is my mission to guide women on their unique paths to discover self-love and self-healing in body, mind and spirit. I love sharing the joy of Nia and movement with my students.

You can learn more about Pauline here: www.MovingToHeal.net

Michele Whittington, CHt

Hypnotherapy can be an excellent complementary tool towards accelerating those positive changes you are seeking with your mental health counselor or doctor. Hypnosis accesses different emotional and mental pathways to more rapidly shift sleep patterns, anxiety/stress levels, fatigue, focus factors, health issues, etc., so that your counseling conversations can be more productive and meaningful. Finding the gold within your heart is a great goal when you have two great minds on your team.

You can learn more about what Michele offers here: www.HypnosisRedmond.com