Welcome to Eastside Family Counseling

Welcome to Eastside Family Counseling
Welcome to Eastside Family Counseling 2019-06-04T20:58:09+00:00

Most of us manage to navigate our daily lives pretty effectively.

Until you can’t.

Maybe something happens that hits you like a freight train, and you feel emotionally derailed.
Or perhaps it’s more like the once-manageable weight you carry has become heavier and heavier over time, because you
just don’t know how to put it down, or let it go. And you become stuck. Life feels like it’s getting out of control.

Now What?

You try to ‘stay strong’ and ‘overcome’. You try to increase your self-care. Maybe you reach out to a friend. Or maybe you
withdraw because it feels easier and safer. And you hurt, quietly.
Until even that no longer feels possible.

The sanest, most courageous choice you can make is to reach out and ask for help.

Counseling is a powerful tool for change. If you’re ready to take the next step…

 At Eastside Family Counseling, your licensed counselor serves as a collaborator and partner in your healing process.

Your therapist creates a safe container where you can:

  • explore what may be causing conflict, blocks or holding you back in life
  • decide how you want things to be different in your personal and professional relationships
  • tap into authenticity so you can experience more joy on a daily basis
  • discover what path will help you move forward successfully

I am a compassionate & non-judgmental witness to your experience. I walk alongside you as you find your inner strength and
resources, and move towards personal growth and healing.


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Suite #220
Redmond, WA 98052


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