Why Screen Time is Making Your Child Grumpy

Technology has become pervasive in our lives. It’s no longer surprising to see children as young as two and three playing on a table or cell phone. However, the convenience unfortunately comes at a steep price. Increasingly, parents are concerned about the negative impacts that screens may be having on their children. And the research [...]

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Tips for Coping with the Holidays After the Loss of a Loved One

“Give yourself the gift of good support, self-compassion and flexibility during this holiday season.” When encountering the holidays after a loss, its completely normal to feel a little unsure or overwhelmed on how to be. Some may experience what we call anticipatory grief about the upcoming event itself. This is a form of grief that [...]

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5 Sleep Care Activities to Improve Your Mood and Health

As summer ends, and the chill of fall begins to creep into the early morning air, most of us think about returning to our regular work and school routine. Getting back into a structured sleep schedule is often one of the more challenging aspects of the end of summer, and it is also one of [...]

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Walk & Talk Therapy: Why it might be perfect for you

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tend to your mental health and receive the extra benefits of being outside and exercise? Many people who would like the support of a therapist, must sit inside an office all day for work. It can sometimes feel daunting or even unhealthy to go to yet another [...]

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Hope: Lessons from an Amoeba

This guest post by our newest clinical associate Lindsay Huettman explores common ways we look at hope and how we can reframe our experience of hope to allow for more self compassion. Lindsay has a passion for working with clients struggling with grief and trauma. Many times, while in session with clients, I come across [...]

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How to Structure an Effective Family Meeting

The core of the family meeting revolves around the weekly agenda. For most families, an agenda will look something like this: Check-in Weekly schedule for each person Issues or challenges Upcoming events Meal plan Each meeting needs someone to record at least the schedule and meal plan. Ideally, the “secretary” will also make notes about [...]

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Stress-Free Family Holiday Tips

  What is it about the holiday season that leaves so many people stressed and anxious? Is it the extra social commitments? The financial burden of gift-giving? For many people, it is the prospect of spending time with extended family and all the history that holds. While some of us have wonderful memories of childhood [...]

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Musings from a 16 year old

I am constantly amazed at the wisdom of young people. This was shared with me recently, and with this young person’s permission, I am sharing it with you. Through my life, I’ve learned a lot of things. Recently I’ve been contemplating a lot about what is important and what everyone should remind themselves of. So [...]

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Thoughts on My Eldest Daughter Moving Out

There are few moments in a parent's life more monumental than having their child move out to start his or her new life. Today, my eldest daughter moved into her very own home and embarked on her adult life. Although I haven't written any poetry for nearly a quarter century, I guess her moving out moved [...]

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The Parenting Recipe: Ingredients for Success

I recently lamented to a friend of mine about my challenges starting a parenting blog. “I’d be a better parenting blogger if my 14-year-old would just misbehave a little more!” Needless to say, my friend howled with laughter at my comment—I mean, who *wants* their teenager to act up more?! I guess it was kind [...]

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