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Are you having difficulty finding the motivation to do the things that might help you feel better? Do you sometimes wonder if this is all there is? We offer collaborative individual counseling to help you wrestle with the challenges you are navigating.

  • Are you feeling as though you are running as fast as you can, but you just can’t keep up with obligations?
  • Does it feel as though a giant weight is crushing your spirit?
  • Are you in an emotional fog with no sense of direction or ways to make it better?
  • Do you lie awake at night wondering if you will ever feel normal again?
  • Does it feel as though each choice you make is the wrong one, leading you further down the path of sadness and regret?
  • Is it difficult to stay connected to the people you care about?
  • Would you rather just shut out the world?

Everyone experiences life transitions—those ups and downs that can set you back on your heels, make you feel uncertain about your future. Sometimes you can take a short pause, consider your options, and start moving forward again. But sometimes a life situation or transition can send you into a tailspin of anxiety, sadness, confusion, and emotional paralysis.

When you are stuck in that emotional fog, everything is overwhelming. You wake up feeling unrested & irritable so all you want do is crawl back under the covers and shut out the world. Your –responsibilities—your house, your job, your family & your sense of obligation—pull you out of bed, but you find yourself unable to concentrate or focus on the important steps that will help you feel better. Worry crowds your mind and you may feel nauseous and achy all over.

You get to work feeling much less than your best; it’s hard to focus because you feel distracted and irritable. You get sidetracked into mindless or unproductive tasks. Small mistakes feel devastating and send you into a downward spiral of self-recrimination. You feel like you are sinking further into the emotional quicksand that your life has become.

By the time you get home, all you want to do is shut out the world and turn off your whining brain! But you still have family responsibilities. Instead of being able to give the best of yourself to the people you love, you lash out in anger or you shut them out. You climb into bed feeling unlovable and wondering if you will ever dig yourself out of the emotional pit you have fallen into.

Feeling Unable to Cope Can Have Serious Consequences in All Areas of Your Life.

Severe stress makes it impossible to stay on top of your daily work and family responsibilities. It can make it difficult to see a way out; to imagine that it is even possible to feel better. All you know is that you want the pain to stop. It’s only natural to seek out pleasure to counteract the pain. Unfortunately, there are all too many “quick fixes” that feel like they work, but lead to bigger problems – spending money, overeating, self-medicating with drugs and alcohol or embarking on illicit affairs. These choices can push you further into a place of shame and self-recrimination.

You Can Feel Better with Counseling.

Having a compassionate and caring individual listen without judgment to you lessens the anguish of your situation. I have 20+ years helping people from all walks of life work through challenging issues of grief & loss, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and family conflict. You are the expert in your own experience, so my job is to listen carefully to your experience and collaborate with you to find unique solutions to whatever challenges you face. Often a different perspective is a big help in shifting your perception of the situation and helping you create unique strategies for solving your challenges. I am there to help you hold yourself accountable as you experiment with new ways of engaging in your life.

But you’re not sure; you still have questions you want answered…

I don’t think talking to a stranger regarding my issues will help.

When you come in for the first time, you will simply be meeting me. Counseling is most successful when you believe your counselor is able to support and hear your specific experiences and emotional circumstances. You can ask as many questions about my training, experience and possible strategies as you need to in order to feel safe. We get to know each other simply as people.

The fact that I am not an ongoing observer in your life (the way a family member or friend is) means I can bring a natural curiosity and unbiased perspective to the conversation. Often this allows you to see your situation through a new lens. This can lead to you uncovering new and unique solutions, as well as identify the strengths you have lost sight of.

I’m worried that talking about painful issues will only make me feel worse.

Talking about what is happening for you and how it makes you feel will not make you worse. As paradoxical as it sounds, talking about painful feelings is key to lessening the pain. You have the capacity to heal yourself as long as you have a safe space in which to talk about and explore what is going on for you. I listen for the ways in which you are already taking steps to overcoming the issues in your life. It has been my experience with my clients that we have always been able to identify strengths and opportunities in even the bleakest situations.

It sounds like a big time commitment; I’m not sure I am prepared to be in counseling for years.

I specialize in a brief therapy model. Most clients work on their concerns for six months or less. As a result, we will set specific goals early in the counseling process so that we can measure and assess progress. However, you are more than welcome to keep coming for as long as you need.

Let me help you slow down and thoughtfully consider your next step so that you start to re-engage with your life from a place of health. Let’s work together to get you reconnected to the people you care about and who love and support you. You can embrace your world again and find the motivation to get better!

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